Monday, August 18, 2014

Michael Brown Lawyers for Michael Brown's family say private autopsy backs witness accounts

Lawyers for the family of Michael Brown said behind the autopsy of a former medical examiner said the allegations of the 18-year-old was trying to surrender when he was killed, but the self-employed former judge their findings did not reach that conclusion.

Lawyers for the family of Brown, who was shot dead on August 9 in a clash with police in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, held a press conference Monday to unveil a report by Dr. Michael Baden, former chief medical examiner of New York City. Baden's autopsy commissioned by the family, determined that Brown was shot six times, with the fatal wound hit the top of the head.
"We believe that such facts as this officer should have been arrested," said Attorney Daryl Parks.
But Baden, who was at the press conference and also spoke, said he had not concluded whether the position of the fatal entry wound meant Brown was handing Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson when he was killed. Baden said the entrance wound on top of the skull Brown suggested that his head was bent forward, when he suffered the fatal injury, and before he told The New York Times would be consistent with any delivery or freight in the officer.
A pathologist who works with finding Baden said Parks' could be correct, "but we do not know."
Forensic pathologist Shawn Parcells said Brown may have had his back to the shooter, or may have been facing the shooter with hands above the head or in a defensive position.
Attorney Benjamin Crump said Monday that an independent autopsy shows Brown was shot at least six times. But as Baden, noted that the report was preliminary.
A St. Louis County autopsy found that Brown was shot six to eight times.
Manager office of county coroner Suzanne McCune said Monday an autopsy showed Michael Brown was hit in the head and chest. McCune would not confirm whether Brown was beaten in another part of your body or discuss other details.
A person familiar with the investigation told The Washington County Post that Brown had marijuana in his system.
Complete results of the autopsy are not expected for about two weeks.
Baden, who has testified in several high profile cases, including the OJ Simpson trial, said earlier Monday that he was waiting for information from the autopsy St. Louis County - and other scientific studies - before definitive conclusions about how in which Brown died.
Crump said the family wanted the autopsy for fear of additional test results could be biased County. Crump declined to release copies of the report to the media, and the autopsy report of the region has not been released.
"They could not trust what was going to be put in the reports on the tragic execution of her son," he said during the press conference on Monday.
He said Brown's mother "had any mother would ask: Was my child in pain Dr. Baden shared with her, in her opinion, he did not suffer?". He also noted that Brown had abrasions on her face from where he fell, but "otherwise there is no evidence of a struggle."
Meanwhile, a Missouri grand jury could begin hearing evidence Wednesday regarding shooting death of Brown.
Ed Magee, a spokesman for the Prosecutor Bob McCulloch St. Louis County - who is overseeing the case - said Monday that prosecutors would try to start presenting evidence on Wednesday, once a week, the date of the meeting regularly to the grand jury.
The cases often jurors are presented in a single day. But Magee says the Brown case is complicated and will take longer, but gave no specific timeframe.


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