Thursday, May 29, 2014

Edward Snowden, Snowden, Edward Snowden…claims to be a 007 James Bond-like super spy, Edward Snowden: breaking law was only option, says whistleblower

National Security Agency leaking Edward Snowden said he "never wanted to" finish in Russia and accused the State Department for stranding him there, according to an exclusive interview with anchor "Nightly News" Brian Williams.
"Personally, I am surprised that I ended up here," said Snowden Williams, NBC reported. An excerpt of the interview was shown on "Today" show Wednesday morning.
"The reality is that I never had the intention of going in Russia," he said in the interview. "I had booked a flight to Cuba from Latin America, and j ' . 've been arrested because the government of the United States has decided to cancel my passport and trap me at the airport in Moscow So when people ask why are you in Russian , I say: "Please ask the State Department . "
Secretary of State John Kerry responded to the program " Today ."
"For a supposedly smart guy , that's a pretty stupid answer , frankly ," said Mr. Kerry on the morning show . " If Mr. Snowden wants to return to the United States today, we have him on a flight today. "
Kerry added: " It may come home , but he is a fugitive from justice , which is why it is not allowed to fly around the world. "
Mr Snowden said he also was trained as a spy and even got a fake name so that it can develop sources and methods to obtain sensitive information for espionage America programs.
Mr. Snowden , who leaked sensitive documents to new taken last year and fled to Moscow, said that many of espionage for more information " on computers nowadays that agencies that they are about people , "said NBC News he covered live abroad.
Snowden tells NBC it was his duty to reveal sprawling NSA surveillance and going home would be 'walking into a jail cell'\
After one year, reveals itself the source of the largest intelligence leak in U.S. history, Edward Snowden appeared in a long television interview on Wednesday to describe themselves as an American patriot and make it so that his revelations motivated by a desire to help the country .

In his most extensive public comments to date Snowden sought to answer critics have said his actions damaged U.S. national security taiuhkasalaisen government surveillance revealed he was overblown. Snowden haastatteliNBC news anchor Brian Williams, who traveled to Moskovaankokouksessa .

Snowden defended the decision to leak the documents to the press, on the other hand , that his complaints through internal channels , and explained why he had decided for the moment not to travel back to the United criminal charges.

"If I could go anywhere in the world, that place would be home , " Snowden said Williams. "I've said from the beginning that I'm doing this to serve my country ... I do not think that 's ever been any question that I would like to go home."

Snowden said he did not have to second guess his decision , however, vapauttaaarviolta 1.7 top secret government documents . "My priority is not myself ," Snowden said. "This is to ensure that these programs are reformed - and that the family that I left behind , the country that I left behind - to help my actions . "

The interview , which took place at Kempinski Hotel in Moscow last week, and after months of negotiations, news , and representatives of the Network Snowden . Conversation, which took place in a library, and it took more than four hours , was billed as Snowden's first haastattelussaYhdysvaltain television network .

Snowden is a regular participant in interviews last year, although never as a large stage , or the other as likely to bring his words - and his argument - American living rooms. NBC Nightly News , which ran leikkeitähaastattelussa , drew about 8.4 million total viewers per night in May.

On Wednesday, Snowden , 30, was first described his experience of the 9/11 terrorist attacks , and spoke about her views on the threat of terrorism.

"I've never told anyone this," he said. "No journalist . But I was at Fort Meade [ Maryland ] September 11. AivanNSA I was . So I remember - I remember the adventurous that day. Remember hearing on the radio planes hitting. And I remember thinking of my grandfather , who at the time was työskenteliFBI the Pentagon , while the machine hit it .

"I take the threat of terrorism seriously. And I think we all do . And I think it's really unfair that the government relied on and sort of shock in our memories , in a way hyödyntääkansallisen trauma that we all suffered together and worked so hard to get through to justify programs that have never been shown to to keep us safe , but cost us the freedoms and liberties that we do not have to give up , and our Constitution says that we should give up . "

Snowden said he did not consider himself guilty . "I think the most important idea to remember is that there have been times throughout history when what is right is not the same as that which is legal ," he said . "Sometimes you make the right , you have to break the law."

VuonnaPew Research poll of Americans earlier this year, 57% of 18-29 year-olds Snowden said the leaks were palvellutyleisen interest but more than 65 of the respondents disagreed . The majority of respondents in older age groups support the prosecution authorities Snowden when taas18 -29 group to share 42-42 % is the question .

As much as he wanted to return home, Snowden said he was not going to " törmätävankilassa ." He repeated his view explained elsewhere in his lawyer that the charges he faces alle1917 Espionage Act did not allow him to defend himself , that he was toiminutyleisen interest .

"These are things that no individual should be given herself really decide , you know , " I give myself a parade, '" Snowden said in response to a question about how he judged his actions . " But neither am I going to törmätävankilassa , toimiahuonona as an example to other people the government who see something happening , some rikkooperustuslakia , and think they have to say something. "

In the year he has lived in the United States Venäjälläkarannut law , Snowden said he had not met with President Vladimir Putin. "I do not have a relationship with the Russian government at all," he said.

NBC News said it had confirmed " multiple sources " that before he took the story to the press Snowden had raised concerns about the possibly illegal under the supervision of at least once with the intelligence of supervisors . Snowden said he had reached his concern for a number of times , up to the e-mail lähettäminentoimistoonNSA General Counsel, and ettäNSA would be a paper trail . The NSA has denied Snowden took such action .

Snowden said he remained comfortable the decision he made .

"I may have lost the ability to travel , but I have the ability to fall asleep at night and know I've done the right thing and I'm happy with it. "