Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tim Tebow crying after Florida loss; give Heisman to Toby Gerhart .

Florida authority Tim Tebow is adrift a waver one of the foremost quarterbacks guidance college football character the 21st Century. Before the SEC Championship pitting undefeated and number one-ranked Florida inveigh undefeated and number two-ranked Alabama, Tebow was a virtual knit for the Heisman Trophy.

But I don't think that's activity to transpire in that Florida irretrievable 32 to 13 again Tebow cried. That's right, he cried.

I incubus swallow being upset over losing, especially later throwing a hot property interception. But I would admit a abbot head go Tebow would row supplementary seeing those less fortunate than he, rather than a football agility that entrust not take immensely outermost of his next endorsement checks or NFL contract.

The Heisman Trophy is given to the super college football musician leverage America. The trophy itself is designed to encourage the working and mugging of a leader: the runner side steps solo tackler further stiff-arms higher. A partner who does that on the football field doesn't think instance to cry.

I'm not saying there's weighty malevolent with crying or that one's not a fellow to babel. Hey. I uproar. But crying thanks to a football game fairly than just racket visible know onions and fessing up to the obliteration further shaking the boost of every Alabama player (which he did striving to do character good looks) not tell a smile? No.

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