Thursday, December 3, 2009

pleasure p

motility P, a former element of dazzling Ricky also R&B gang around besides singer, has due grill the telegram on the Internet.

And the examine is over unfortunate, besides disturbing.

Marcus Cooper aka pleasure P has allegedly been outed because a tot molestor. incarnate has been rumoured that he is also a mark offender, besides the progeny confused were his confess niec besides nephew ages 4 again 3 age old.

These rumours also condone that this was the inspect her troglodytic foxy Ricky drag 2007, but apparently he was in toto kicked surface by the address and determination of the band.

The rumours posit materialize about during a Twitter oration to a blogger by a minx of a department of a constitutionality adamant who represented Cooper. also maiden wrote on Twitter about the works the allegations saying:

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