Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So what do YOU think about Drake’s reaction to Rihanna’s dress, HollywoodLifers? Tell ,Rihanna’s CFDA Awards ‘Naked’ Gown: Drake Was Floored, Rihanna bared it ALL — literally — in a completely sheer dress at the CFDA Awards in NYC on June 2. Was this RiRi’s way of showing Drake what he’s missing out on now that the two have broken up? An EXCLUSIVE source tells how Drake really felt about Rihanna’s shocking frock.

Drake felt really shocking to dress Rihanna.

Rihanna , 26, and Drake , 27, are officially over after the rapper simply could not give RiRi what she wanted and needed in a relationship - and the division Rihanna absolutely broken heart . But at the CFDA ceremony on June 2 , Rihanna was all smiles as she showed her sexy body in a floor-length dress entirely pure by Adam Selman . Was it revenge dresses for Drake? Anyway, we now know that he was " not surprised" by holding shocking Rihanna - here's why.
Naked ' dress CFDA Awards Rihanna Drake was floored
Apparently Drake was not the biggest fan of the world of shocking set of Rihanna! His first thought was "Wow . Just wow . "
" He can see how some people are enabled by it and how others can be disabled, " a source tells EXCLUSIVELY reaction Drake . "It is fashion and glamor, he guesses . Personally, it n ' is not surprised that her ex would something like that . she likes to shock people, but with this set, it makes them gag . "Wow , that's pretty extreme!
This is a good thing Drake and Rihanna are no longer together because it sounds like they have had a major disagreement on the bold dress RiRi !
"It's old school and prefers his wife to reveal her naked body and it alone ," says the source. "It's just the way it is, but he thinks that if it is liberating for Rihanna to personally show her birthday suit for the world , and if she is happy to do it, then more power to her."
Crazy movements Rihanna ceremony CFDA
Curve - hugging dress Rihanna does not help dancing a storm CFDAs . After winning a prize of fashion icon , Huey had a distinguished celebration - with twerking !
Yusef Williams, Barber Rihanna, posted a video showing Instagram celebration dance singer Unapologetic . "The way we celebrate after a good night or should I say the second half of a beautiful night # cdfaicon , " Yusef subtitled the scandalous video.

So what do you think of Drake 's reaction to dress Rihanna, HollywoodLifers ? Tell us if you think it has the right to be so overwhelmed by her dress in the comments below!

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