Thursday, November 1, 2012

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With the body of an Angel and her marriage to a very well known elf model Miranda Kerr has catapulted to stratospheric status as a model-come-yummy-mummy in recent years. This November will see her cement her pin-up status as the 29-year-old is awarded the 'Sexiest Woman Alive' title by Esquire magazine.

Miranda Kerr, reminding human beings everywhere of the professional benefits associated with having both inner/outer beauty and a highly unattainable lifestyle indebted to yoga, berries and winning the genetics lottery, has just been named as Esquire UK's "sexiest woman alive". The ubiquitous Gunnedah beauty covers the new December issue of the UK men's periodical, appearing in a NSFW David Slijper cover shoot in basically a jacket, high heels and underwear. Surprise!

Hard as it is to believe though, our favorite part is the interview that comes with it. We especially like the bit where she talks about her past life as a koala. "I still like to climb the odd tree. Yeah, it’s fun! I like to climb. I find it very rewarding. You feel like you’re going somewhere," she explains. "I don’t like abseiling, though. I don’t like going down. I like going up. It is though! I got stuck up a tree when I was about seven, and my dad had to come and get the ladder to get me down. I loved to climb all the way up to the top. I must have been a koala in my past life.”

But rather than wax lyrical about her exercise regimes and diet plans - we've all seen the Twitter work-out snaps - the KORA Organics beauty queen gushed over her outdoorsy upbringing.

"I really feel that my body craves to be in the mountains or by the ocean or in the countryside" the Angel mused, when reminiscing of her upbringing on her grandparent's farm. "I like to climb. I find it very rewarding…. I don't like abseiling, though. I don't like going down. I like going up," Kerr stipulated.

Leaving male fans with the last notion that: "I must have been a koala in my past life," Miranda Kerr is certainly not just a pert bottom.


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