Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don’t flaunt your love in public on Valentine's day

Beware lovers! Don’t flaunt your love in public on Valentine's day, you may invite the wrath of the Hindu fundamentalists!, what’s new? It had always been there ever since the Sri Rama Sene was born! One may retort. But this time it is going to be more vigorous and more pronounced. Workers of Sri Rama Sene will be on the move day and night not just on Valentine's day but two days prior to that and perhaps a day after also. Three days of hell for those free radical lovers in Mangalore! The Fatwa on Valentine's day will be more serious this time say the Sri Rama Sene workers. We have deployed our workers at every pub, restaurant, clubs, residential areas, colleges, schools and other places where these young lovers are likely to meet up and exchange hugs and kisses and roam around the entire day. "We will not allow this alien culture to invade our society we will deal with those youngsters severely and let their parents know what they were doing on the streets" says Mr. Arun Puthila of Sri Rama Sene. "Who is this St. Valentine? and why should we Indians celebrate any day named after this man? our culture does not allow such open expression of love between man and woman in our culture that is holy binding of marriage and lifelong bondage, it is not one night stand we will oppose every move by every youngster to celebrate this alien culture" said Mr. Puthila. The Sri Rama Sene was preparing a hand out to be delivered to every college school and institution warning them against celebration of Velentine's day. We have also sent messages to those who sell Valentine's day articles in book stores and other shops not to display the Valentine's day cards a worker of the Sene told It could be recalled here that for the last five years the Sri Rama Sene and other fringe groups have been obstructing celebration of Valentine's day and this time it will get more vigorous as the Sene activists are trying to block every way to celebrate Valentine's day. However nothing has been told by the other fringe group Bajrang Dal on the celebration of Valentine's day this year. A worker of the Dal said "we will not announce our action but we know what to do".



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